When Patricia Lip was seventeen, she has been living in different places and countries since – essentially in California, Rhode Island, Scotland, Stockholm, and London. The process of challenge, failure, criticism, and achievement gives her a great sense of freedom and power to cultivate her ability to speak with forms and letters, as an artist and a story teller.

Patricia attended the Royal College of Art in London and received a Master of Art degree with specialisation in jewellery and metal design. However nothing is further away her thought than simply being a jewellery artist. Last decade of experiences makes her no stranger to the art and design culture. She is trained with a keen eye with attention to details and she masters the language of aesthetics with a pair of rough hands and a creative mind. She transforms materials from their original values into style in a way she builds closer ties between art and design and people through words, spaces and images.

Her diverse experiences across art, design, and business empower her to bridge reality, where people are important and fantasy while she believes creativity changes the way how we see thing.

Her mind does not rest, as she walks along the trail in the place where she enjoys observation, research, analysis, critical thinking and forming fragments into presentation.

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