Image and Body Adornment 

Voyage and Return

An unidentified man sets off on aboat. 

While the water is drifting, he hears child laughing mischievously and he smells the sweetness of cherry blossom. 

The grass blows in the wind, he hears the rhythm of clapping game. 

When the sun rises, he returns to the land where he last saw his beloved one...

Aligned with a picture and disjointed from a surface, my body of work tells a story when the image gives meaning and breathes new life to body adornment. The little girl lies and there is memory of childhood. You see the first kiss and sharing of last bite. You have made them seen and live. 

Image and wearable objects

The First Kiss
Fine silver, silicon rubber, sterling silver,
sterling silver snake chain, A1 size printed image

The Last Bite
24k gold platedsterling silver, fine silver
790 x 560 mm printed image

Perspex sheet, fine silver, resin, grosgrain ribbon,
A2 size printed image

WhenI Was Young, I Lied to My Optician
24k gold platedbrass, 9k gold wire, PVC plastic, polyester threads, nose pads, vintage tin box

470 mm long
35 x 45 mm
950 mm long
255 x 180 mm


The First Kiss

The Last Bite

Close-up details


When I Was Young, I Lied to My Optician

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