Group exhibition

Plastic baubles, students' work-in-progress samples or pieces,
red nylon polyester strings

666.5 cm long

Staircase near entrance, Darwin Building, RCA


Rethinking physical and invisible space in a location where people always pass by but can be easily neglected, JaMble! is a Christmas Exhibition that I curated and organised for all the second year postgraduate students in class2015. We aimed to share our festive spirit with the RCA staff and students from other departments in somewhere I found our work can be easily appreciated. So I choose the stairway by the main entrance of the campus in Kensington, London. The baubles contain work that includes mostly samples and work-in-progress. Not only does JaMble! reveal our design and making processes but also plays as a complement to the gallery space around.

Although there are many difficulties and restrictions to set up the exhibition along the staircase in regards to security, technical and safety problems, it would not become possible without the help and advice from my colleagues and people with different expertise. This exhibition is a rewarding experience which received compliments and lots of positive feedback.

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