So Do You Feel It?

I questioned wearability. No doubt there is physical contact between jewellery and human bodies for the major purpose to adorn and accessorise us. But why is there a need of the contact?
What are senses? Can we live without the senses?

Five Senses are able to take us apart when we perceive anger and fear around us. On the other hand, senses have a power to bring people together when it comes to comfort, happiness, and enjoyment. Using only one sense may cause uncertainty during perception, but if there’re more than one sense involved, it facilitates a clear cognition process.


So Do You Feel It? No. 1
Board-paper, fabric, sand, acrylic pigments

So Do You Feel It? - Scratch
Board-paper, fabric, dried algae

8 × 7 ×  21.8 cm
58 cm


The shell of So Do You Feel It? No. 1, made of paper, deludes viewers for its weight. When it is lifted up, people are impressed by its heaviness. If one had a misfortune losing all senses, he or she can still feel it. 

So Do You Feel It? - Scratch is uncommonly worn at the back of a body. Wearer is unable to “see” it, yet he or she is aware of its presence due to the contact. The imagination is tangible.

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