Unfixed: Rethinking Material Possibility of Jewellery that Creates a Sense of Participation

With the focus of jewellery as an interface between the self and world, this essay is theoretical and contextual "...combined several styles of creative writing with personal and academic commentaries in order to explore how jewellery can mediate our experiences of the world," as Tom Cubbin said. Using reference such as Tim Ingold and Juhani Pallasmaa, the writing piece is divided into four chapters from a narration of a little girl to different levels of experiences with 'materiality'. Martina Margetts said, "the structure and discourse is complex and poetic but with a clear [preoccupation] with the nature of self, object, environment, materiality"

Each viewpoint and observation take us to a new level to identity objects with our senses and perceive our built environment. Unfixed questions the unlimited possibilities that how jewellery could impact our world.

Research writing

Researcher, writer, designer, artist

30 × 21 × 2 cm


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