What Do You Want from Me?

My wearable object can be read as an interpretation of the pattern of consumption in contemporary society. Whatever products and services we purchase or consume, receipts or tickets are evidence of our transactions.

I connected the production of receipts with the royal needle used by Banyoro Kitara people of Western Uganda for scarification. My wearable art suggests the function of the scarifying tool as a monetary means to satisfy different desires in terms of social hierarchy, record of personal life, and better visual appeal.

Unlike clothes that can be taken off or handbags that can be given away, scarification is a result of pain that permanently marks the skin. My object – made from industrial materials such as resin and PVC sheet – serves as a catalyst for us to question the values we place on personal possessions and the materialistic influences on contemporary life.

Wearable object

Resin, PVC sheets, fishing lines, tapes, plastic rods,
receipts, acetate sheet

120 mm wide × approx. 35,310 mm long

Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford


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